him and her {week sixteen}

he is officially going to school in September,
and will excitedly tell anyone that will listen all about it,
it just astounds me how grown up, handsome, clever and kind this little guy is.

she is the reason they invented the word cheeky,
and is the absolute sunshine of our days with her funny little ways,
I'm not sure exactly when it was she became such a 'little girl' and not a baby, but it happened.


  1. Oh Lucy I truly think this week, these photos are my FAVORITE ever. No I say that each week but they really are. What beautiful captures. Their facial expressions, cheekiness, exploring, adorable faces!!!! Love these. BB sounds like MM in their funny little cheeky monkey ways. Love it. Can't wait to get us all together again.

  2. Her cheekiness really comes across in most, but especially these, photos! They both look like total sweethearts and it is heartwarming how completely proud you sound of them.

  3. Gorgeous Photos lucy x


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