the me and mine project {january}

Rich is loving
* stocking up on mini eggs.
* eating fancy soups.
* visiting Poland.
* Quinny grabbing his head for cuddles.
* getting prepped for moving house.

Lucy is loving
* going for walks with Quinn in the buggy.
* having new make up.
* making plans for the new house.
* taking weekly portraits of the kiddos.
* the evenings drawing back out.

Dylan is loving
* planning his new bedroom.
* naming capital cities.
* making his solar system model.
* going to Jump Street for his best friend's birthday.
* counting down to being six.

Everly is loving
* playing with her Belle and Moana legos.
* her snugly new duvet cover and pillow.
* eating mini eggs.
* the day she stays for lunch at preschool. 
* looking after her baby Rapunzel doll. 

Ashlyn is loving
* Kit, her cat.
* climbing on the sofa.
* giving cuddles.
* eating raisins.
* emptying the book shelf.

I normally start my post each month saying how quickly the time seems to have flown by... but not this month. It feels like January has gone on forever. And it feels like our December family photos were shared ages ago. Christmas and New Year feel like a distant memory. And I'm definitely ready for a new month to start now. Not least because February will be quite a big one.

Its the start of a new year of The Me + Mine Project, and I could not be more excited. This is the beginning of our fifth year of this project. And woah, doesn't that sound like a long time? So much has changed in that time from our very first monthly round up to now, and it still makes me so warm and fuzzy to look back at how our family has grown and changed month by month. I feel so proud of our collection of photos, and of all the many photos I take, these are the ones that I look back at most frequently. There is just something so powerful about family photos I think... that sense of belonging.

As much as this month is a new year and a new start, it is also a bit of an end to an era. Because this month is our final one in our home. This home. Our first home as a family. The home where we became a family. So yes, the setting might not look like anything particularly special, but I know that as we look back over our monthly family photos in years to come, this one will tell a story. We'll tell the children about why those yellow brick walls were so special to us, how we moved into those walls as newlyweds, and moved out as a family, about the many firsts that those walls were witness to.

Moving house is a strange thing. While we are all so excited about a fresh start, about putting our stamp on our new place, about having so much more space; it's bittersweet, because it means we leave behind somewhere that is crammed full of our memories, and is the only home these three little people have ever known. This little chapter of our family's story is coming to an end, and we are really looking forward to writing our story somewhere new... but that doesn't mean it won't tug at our hearts a little to say goodbye to the place that was the backdrop to the opening scenes in our life as parents, and in the children's lives full stop. 

So, definitely not the most exciting of settings for a photoshoot, but very special to us.

I can't wait to start looking through all the linked up family photos for another year. So many of the people who link up have done so for some time now, some from right back at the beginning, and it's so lovely to feel like I get to watch families change and children grow through this project. I am very pleased to say that I'm being joined again this year by last year's cohosts Alex, Fritha, Jenny, Katie and Lucy, and we also have the lovely Charlotte joining our team too, so do be sure to pop by all their blogs to see their photos and posts this month.

The Me and Mine Project


  1. Lovely photos Lucy, it is so nice to capture moments like this aswell as photos. I agree hat January has been a long one and it feels like ages since Christmas. I hope February is as exciting as it sounds like it will be for you all x

  2. So exciting! Only one month left. I'm looking forward to watching you family adventures begin in your new home and all your decorating and interiors posts! he he xxx

  3. Wow big changes in store for you, must be strange to think of leaving your family home... But I'm sure the new place will soon feel like home. As a kid I moved at age 3,my older brother was 5... And I don't really remember that home, the house we lived in till my twenties will always be my childhood home xxx

  4. It's always emotional moving house isn't it? January did feel at times like it was never going to end but I enjoyed it nonetheless x

  5. Moving house is so exciting, and it will be lovely for you guys to have these photos to look back on too. I hope everything goes smoothly for you and you settle into your new house well xxx

  6. I'm with you January appears to have gone on forever! Hope the new house move goes smoothly.

  7. January has seemed like a long month here too... A perfect setting for your photos. Lots of luck with the house move Lucy xx

  8. Funny enough I start like that normally too but I find January was awful slow too. #meandmine

  9. I totally get this, we moved house last month and the house we left behind held so many memories for us. It's nice to have the photos in a places that also mean something to you at that moment in your life. That is what makes them so perfect. Good luck with the move x

  10. I remember sharing our last picture (for me and mine) in our little house we took M home to after he was born. I am glad we have it to look back on. I imagine you will feel the same looking back on these.

  11. Moving house is so exciting and I completely get what you mean about leaving the memories behind, I was really sad when we moved out of our first home because it had seen up get married and bring home the first two children. I am sure you will make so many fab memories in your new home though xx

  12. January has felt like a really long month for us too. Good luck with the house move. First time doing Me and Mine, being meaning to join in for ages! x

  13. Oh moving I am so excited and happy for you all. I am jumping up an down for it to happen. (and a visit haha). These are gorgeous and what a memory to look back on your old house as you start your new adventures in a new one with your lovely family in tow. I love this project it's my fourth year and just think how many family photos are now in the world as Donna said on twitter because of you darling. That's amazing feeling.... Lots of love to you and this beautiful project. Thanks for letting me be apart of it. I am honored.

  14. We are moving home too but its not all plain sailing at the moment. Good luck with the move and I am so pleased to be joining in again this year. Looking forward to seeing more of your photos xx

  15. How exciting! Good luck with the move, lots more memories to be made there. I love your scarf by the way! x

  16. Such lovely photos, hopefully we'll be taking the same kind later this year if we ever find our dream home! I'll be super sad to leave but we've just outgrown the one we're in now. Good luck with your move! xx

  17. Best of luck in your new home! I hope you all make wonderful memories there x

  18. Aww these are really lovely - I love that you've taken them at your home that you're moving on from. Best of luck with moving lovely. xx

  19. Aw these will be treasured photos to look back on. I'm very excited to join in on my 4th year of Me and Mine. Best of luck with the house move xx

  20. First of all, THANK YOU for doing this! It's such a fantastic idea, and it gave me the kick up my bum to relaunch my blog! I sincerely look forward to the months ahead, both partaking and watching your progression too! You have a beautiful family!

  21. Lovely photos, I love the story behind them. I know I'd be really emotional about leaving our current house - I was bad enough moving from our last home and that was pre-children so not quite so many emotional memories! Best of luck with the move, I'm sure you'll have so many wonderful memories awaiting you in your new home.

  22. Christmas seems like a million miles away now doesn't it! So exciting about the move, I really hope it goes well! Such special family photos this month xx

  23. It really does feel like January has gone on forever doesn't it! Wishing you lots of luck for the move - we moved so often when we were younger but I can't begin to imagine trying to do it with kids!

  24. Lucy I have felt exactly the same about January - its been such a struggle and every day I have wondered "aren't we done with you yet"! I am so excited about your move, its one of our goals this year too but boy am I anxious too! Lovely pics of your gorgeous little family x #meandmineproject

  25. Beautiful photos - and good luck with the move! I moved last year and had a few photos in front of the house before we left :) x

  26. This does feel like a very long month. Gorgeous pics Lucy x

  27. Wishing ou lots of luck with the house move - how exciting. I'm so happy to be part of #meandmine this year xx

  28. I started my post exactly the same - January has seemed like 4 months long minimum! Good luck with the house move!! x #meandMineproject

  29. Good luck with the house move and good luck with making memories in your new home. I can imagine it must be quite bittersweet to leave the home where you first became a family with all the memories that are part of that but I am sure you will make many more happy ones in your new home :-)

  30. I'm stealing this idea for our next months photo. I think this is our last month in our house and it's so bittersweet. I can't wait to move but like with you, this was the home that saw us become a family and all luca's firsts.


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