the me and mine project {december}

Rich is loving
* Christmas morning with the kiddos. 
* new slippers. 
* Liverpool winning the Merseyside derby.
* getting Sky Q installed.
* getting two and half weeks off work.

Lucy is loving
* a magical Christmas with her little tribe.
* doing vlogmas over on YouTube, so proud to have daily vlogged our Christmas build up.
* new Cath Kidston mugs. 
* two fab nights out for Christmas parties. 
* Baileys and a Ferrero Rocher in her jimjams in the evenings.

Dylan is loving
* singing Christmas songs at school. 
* kissing girls at birthday parties.
* playing Super Mario Run. 
* going to the cinema and eating (not sharing) his popcorn.
* looking at maps and talking about capital cities. 

Everly is loving
* being the Innkeepers Wife in the nativity. 
* her new lego.
* her Rapunzel doll.
* watching the Cinderella movie. 
* seeing Moana.

Ashlyn is loving
* her advent calendar.
* trying to pull decorations off the tree. 
* playing with her stacking rings. 
* eating grapes and treeslets with every meal.
* chasing her big brother and sister in and out of the new teepee. 

Well December has unsurprisingly been a manic one, and a magical one. I swear that the only thing that beats being a little kid at Christmas, is getting to be the parent of a little kids (or three!) at Christmas. They just put such a sparkle on the whole thing. Yes, there are headaches too; overtired and overexcited children are always a bit of recipe for disaster, and add in parents who are frantically prepping for the big day (and in this mama's case, also daily vlogging) and you really do have a perfect environment for the odd meltdown. But most of those meltdowns have been mine, and the children all seem to have taken this whole thing with the grace and good humour that only children can. 

The Me and Mine Project in December had to be about Christmas morning. So here we are in our jimjams, fresh from present opening, right in that midst of the most magical bit of the whole day. At this point every year I hesitate about posting our freshly out of bed faces (not the kids I might add, they always look adorable - but mine and Rich's pre-shower and skincare regime faces aren't what they used to be!) but then I figure that it's part of Christmas morning; those tired parents who have been awake for hours either with excited children or simply with their own excitement, thats part of it, right? That's what I'll keep telling myself anyway. And I've thrown in some other Christmas tree shots too; slightly (but only ever so slightly) more awake ones. 

2016... done! Another year of The Me and Mine Project... done! Four whole years worth of family portraits... so happy and grateful and proud that I could cry! I never would have guessed that a new years resolutions that I set myself all those years back, could have grown into something that would still be such an important thing for us. I actually think that the longer we do it, the more it matters; to keep capturing these snaps of us as a family. To never wait for the perfect moment and to just capture us, right now, as we are, in all our imperfect glory... just because. 

It was makes me so emotional to look back on the year all laid out together. Our first full calendar year as a five. A year when we all found our groove with the dynamics which still felt sort of new back in January, but which feel so natural now. This year really saw our little Quinny blossom from a teeny bubba into a full blown toddler; the change in her is simply massive. The changes in the older two are more subtle, but it definitely seems like they leave a little more of the baby look behind them with each passing month. 

But looking back at these photos mainly just gives me 12 lovely memories, because each and every photo tells its own little story; some from full blown adventures or days out, others from simple walks or times spent closer to home. What a year its been for us five. 

And so all that's left for me to say, for the final time in 2016, is to remind you to make sure you tag your family photos with #meandmineproject on Instagram, so we can share some of our favourites. And link up your family photos at the bottom too, I can't wait to see them all and I'm already anticipating a sea of festive family snaps. Of course, do remember to pop by my cohost's blogs and see what Alex, Fritha, Jenny, Katie and Lucy's families are sharing this month too.

The Me and Mine Project


  1. Both pre and post shower shots look beautiful (I'm very envious of your light too - the sunshine rather failed us this year!). I know exactly what you mean about the beautiful chaos of three little ones; they can get so excited and sometimes it all boils over but it's so worth it in the end :)

  2. I love these Christmas Day morning photos, they capture everything about the day. Including the tiredness of parents! I love seeing all the year photo's and like you say little Quinny has grown so much. What a gorgeous family and I am thankfully for your new years resolution too as I definitely have family photos that I wouldn't have without me and mine. Happy New Year to you all x

  3. Love that top shot and I love looking back at the year of photos. Thanks so much for hosting this lovely linky xx

  4. I loved watching your vlogmas, you did so well to vlog daily. Sounds like a truly wonderful Christmas. You always look to be having so much fun in your captures. I hope to get involved more next week, possibly with walking away shots as Mr H really is not a fan of the camera. Lovely project Lucy x

  5. Wonderful happy Christmas photos Lucy! Thank you so much for hosting me and mine, I wouldn't have any photos of all three of us if it wasn't for you! Happy new year to you and your family xx

  6. Lovely photos! Hope you all had a lovely Christmas. Thank you for hosting, I'm so glad I decided to join in and can't wait to join in again next year! x

  7. Gorgeous festive shots, I am sad we didn't manage any at christmas, but like I said on instagram I am so thankful to you and this project for giving me the kick up the bum each month to capture a photo, any photo with us all in it. This year we have got one every month for the first time in Eva's 6 years and it makes me cry just thinking about it. You never know what is around the corner and having these snaps are just priceless. x

  8. Ahh what beautiful photos, I think I even prefer the pyjama shots as they really show what Christmas is all about! Thank you so much for hosting this year - you've given me reason to capture so many family memories, that I simply wouldn't have otherwise xx

  9. Ah these are lovely Lucy. Like they always are, you have such a beautiful family and you all always look so happy. I love the shots in front of the Christmas tree for December. Thank you so much for creating this amazing project, it's thanks to you that we have so many wonderful family photos that we'll treasure forever. xx

  10. Lovely round up of photos! I love how they're all so seasonal :) XX

  11. Ahh such lovely shots Lucy, if you hadnt said I wouldnt have guessed they were Christmas morning as I cant see the lack of make up or showering at all! #meandmine

  12. Lovely festive photos. Thankyou so much for creating and hosting this project. I love being involved. Happy New Year to you and your family.

  13. This project is my absolute favorite for sure and December comes to be my favorite month for it to look back at the whole year of family captures of everyone's and see how the kids and families have grown and changed. Yours is just precious as always. The kids have come on so well and grown up so much this year. What a change with a year of three little ones. I can't believe it. So beautiful Lucy and thank you so much for continuing to host these amazing linkys and keep us all motivated to capture some amazing family memories. Happy New Year!!! #meandmineproject

  14. These are lovely photos and I love seeing your photos from the rest of the year as a collage. So lovely to have this project to encourage us to take these photos and create amazing images to share with our children in years to come x

  15. Great photos as always Lucy, I love how relaxed and fun your pictures are. Something I hope to work on more in 2017. Happy New Year!

  16. All these pictures are just beautiful.. I totally failed in 2016 with capturing our family shots (maybe 3/4 in total) but I plan on capturing 1 every month this year. I've set aside a goal to be more involved and hopefully this time next year I can look back and say I done it!! Such a great idea you started all those years ago and crazy to think I've seen Dylan, Everly and Ashlyn grow x

  17. I love seeing all the years photos together at the end. Just lovely x

  18. Aaah happy new year lovely!! Can't believe we've just completed a third year's worth of photos!!! High fiving us all for a job well done!! I love looking over the 12 pics and seeing how things have changed. The boys haven't changed *as* much over this last year, in comparison to the last two. Loving seeing all the pics together though :) Here's to a bright and happy 2017! Lots of love to you and yours xxxxx

  19. Your collage definitely shows that you love spending time outside. I love the festive photos. The stockings in the background are beautiful. I can't wait for another set of 12 family portraits.

  20. Lovely christmas pics... i love the one of you all dressed and smiling, though the PJs ones are an essential! Yes being ratted but giddy is all part of it. And you are right, it is so much more exciting when you are a parent to excited kids. There is way more magic and joy!
    I have loved joining in Me and mine in the last few months and hope for a full year for 2017 x Happy New year and thank you for your help this weekend xx

  21. Love all your festive shots and the look back over the past year. Quinny has changed a lot in that time. How lovely to have four years of family photos to look back on. Happy New Year to you all and thank you for hosting the #meandmineproject - looking forward to continuing to join in in 2017 :-)

  22. These are so lovely, the last one where Dylan is playing with Everly's hair is my favourite I think- what a cutie. Thank you so much for hosting, both of the projects are my favourite to link up to and have captured so many memories for me and my family. Happy 2017 xx

  23. These are such lovely photos - I love your matching pyjamas! Looking at them now though, doesn't Christmas seem like such a long time ago!


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